Whether manmade or force majeure, disasters happen, upset communities, and destroy lives. Ascendant Global has worked with numerous communities to rebuild neighborhoods, identify sources for infrastructure development, and restore jobs.  We can assist your community with comprehensive workshops to prepare for natural disaster and build resilience or help you chart a path forward after disaster strikes.


We do not make decisions about what the future of your community should be, but rather work with you in concert to chart a path forward that helps you achieve your goals.  We are experienced in real estate development, managing consent decrees, financing public-use infrastructure, and rebranding communities to regain population and business growth.

After Hurricane Katrina, Rodrick Miller, our CEO was recruited to New Orleans to lead their recovery efforts. In that role, he established their economic development agency, recruited tens of thousands of new jobs, and helped recruit several billion dollars in new private investment. Later, he led Detroit’s economic revitalization post-automotive bailout and through the bankruptcy to help stabilize population and attract new companies such as Microsoft, Lear Corporation, and Sakthi Automotive.  In addition, Ascendant Global counts in its Disaster Recovery  and Economic Resilience team with Dr. Tiffiani Miller, a seasoned public health expert, who has worked with communities in Florida and other parts of the country to respond to health issues arising from hurricanes, public disease outbreaks, and other environmental issues. 

Ascendant Global brings experience, thoughtfulness, relationships, and a track record of results.